Monday, January 28, 2008

Home Made White Bread Bake... white bread bakingI've been missing from the blogging world for about a month. Things were getting a bit hectic and I have not been having time to blog. :(

I've been wanting to bake some bread at home for a few months now. My kitchen is still not completely finished with the renovations, but at least I have installed my range/oven and have some plywood counter tops.

Here is my 1st loaf of "Basic White Bread". I kind of used the recipe from the KitchenAid Mixer book with a bit of variation. Eventually after practicing, I hope to finalize my favorite recipe and use it from then.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I found a temporary hire job as a "Baker Assitant" for a Japanese bakery. The ad looked very tempting requiring no experience and only 1030pm-5am for $16/hour. I figured why not get paid to learn?? So that's what I've been up to about 3 nights a week. It's at Kimuraya, on Koko Head Ave., for those of you familiar with Honolulu. By the way, they are planning to close down February 15th or so that's why they have the temporary hire baker assistant. That's sad news because I remeber this bakery being there since I was a child. white bread bakingHere is my 1st loaf of white bread. It smells so good I just want to eat it! At the same time it looks so good I don't want to cut it! What will I do? I'll let you know how it tastes and what I do with it...

Ok I couldn't resist so I sliced off a piece. Tastes like bread. The crust is very tasty and soft. I think I will increase the sugar and milk quantities in my next dough and see how that goes.

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