Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Weekend, The Westin and a Wedding in Maui... Updated 1/6

www.RickNakama.com View of Molokai from room

Here's a quick (really quick) walk-through video of our suite. Blair Witch style cinemography at it's finest.

We are here for a wedding. The video screen below is my qik.com live video stream link. I'll stream some live video from my mobile phone so you can have up to the minute footage almost like you are here! Live time 1/4/09 5pm HST and on through the evening here and there.

On our last day in Maui, I decided to take Kelli on a ride back to the Kahului Airport by going around the "head side" of the island. The "head side" is what I call going around from Kapalua to Kahakaloa because if you look at the shape of the island of Maui, it looks like a head with the upper body. The first video is a short clip about 33 seconds. The one below is if you are really interested it's about 5 minutes long. Be sure to take your motion sickness medicine before watching.

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