Saturday, August 18, 2012

I want to drive a Scion FR-S for a week from Scion Hawaii!

Rick Nakama
@RickNakama on TwitterInstagram
SCCA Member #445638 

I would like the opportunity to drive Scion Hawaii's FR-S for a week and these are some benefits that I could offer if selected:

  • Valid Hawaii Driver's License since 1990.
  • Automobile Insurance Policy covering 3 vehicles with comprehensive coverage.
  • Kalani High School's Automotive Shop Class Representative in AAA/Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest.
  • 1991 State Finalist in AAA/Plymouth Troubleshooting Contest.
  • 1993 Graduate of Honolulu Community College with Associate in Science Degree in Automotive Mechanics Technology (GPA of 3.7).
  • A.S.E. (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified 1994-1999 in: Engine Repair, Suspension & Steering, Brakes, Electrical & Electronic Systems, and Engine Performance.
  • Worked as a technician at Speedtek Racing (1994-1996) specializing in import vehicle performance tuning and fabrication of custom engine swaps and turbocharger systems.
  • 1998-2000 managed AJ's Performance Motorsports, an automotive performance retail and tuning shop in Wailuku, Maui. Buyer for inventory, sales (retail & wholesale), installation of performance automotive parts, custom engine conversions, turbocharger installations, DynoJet dynamometer tuning service, aftermarket electronic engine control systems sales/installations/tuning, etc.
  • Original dealer for Blitz USA products in Hawaii. Also specialized in importing of special "JDM" automotive products for JDM scene clientele. 
  • Specialized in importing difficult to obtain JDM parts & accessories for Japanese automobiles sold in the USA.
  • Some JDM Scene clientele's vehicles have won the JDM Class in multiple car shows and have also been featured in Super Street Magazine with my name mentioned in the spread:
  • AJ's Performance Motosports shop owner/car/driver qualifies & wins $500 prize in 2001 Toyota IDRC Aloha Nationals competing against Kazu Yamaguchi:
  • Rick Nakama (car) mentions in: D Sport Magazine, Super Street Magazine, VWVortex, Star Bulletin, Star Bulletin, Star Bulletin.
  • Took 2nd in Toyota IDRC Aloha Nationals BF Goodrich Street Tires Class in my daily driven 1993 Nissan 240sx (says 1994, but it is a 1993 I owned it since 1994). 
  • First to install imported Japanese S13 SR20DET motor in a 240sx in Hawaii (1998). Tuned to 382 RWHP on pump gas. I have used this car as a daily driver and won street car shoot out drag races at Hawaii Raceway Park, held records for fastest 240sx in the state for years, maintained rankings in SCCA autocross events, Hawaii Raceway Park lap sessions, Drift Sessions and most importantly set a trend in Hawaii revolving around the 240sx/Sylvia/S13 platform. (The 240sx is probably one of the most recognized rival cars of the classic Hachi Roku/AE86/Corolla GTS).  
  • I am currently ranked 1st Place for this season at SCCA Solo in STF class in my stock 2005 Scion xA.
  • I race with the number 186 at SCCA events.
  • I am recognized in the top 15 Social Media Personalities by Technology News Bytes in the 2011 Social Media Summit: Active on Twitter as @RickNakama, Instagram as @RickNakamaFacebook and many other places on social media. My 15 week old puppy, Lola Red Bourbon, has a Klout Score of 41.
  • I am a Realtor with East Oahu Realty and I have a Facebook Page for that. I also network with dozens of Realtors and industry professionals each month. My network is very diverse and does not only consist of car enthusiasts.
  • I have posted a few Scion FR-S photos in my Instagram Feed that have had tremendous engagement.
Long story short, I am a true fan of the vehicle! I will be able to spread the love of the 2013 Scion FR-S around the island if given a week with the beautiful car! I definitely understand the heritage and have advanced expertise in the culture that made it's predecessor such an iconic vehicle. I would love to be offered a chance to drive the Scion FR-S for a week.

Thank you!

This is what I came up with in one morning. If I had a week's worth of experience with the car, I am sure I could do a lot more!

Drive Scion FR-S Contest
PS- If you think you should have a chance at this week with the FR-S, enter today! The entries are cut off at 11pm HST tonight! Information here:

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Follow Scion Hawaii on Twitter: @ScionHI.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

(fōnuts) 8104 W 3rd. St Los Angeles

So today is "Fat Tuesday". In Honolulu, most people associate Fat Tuesday with picking up/eating some malasada from Leonard's Bakery or some prefer Champion Bakery. I am one of those who probably prefer  Champion Bakery.

Anyway, I'm not in Honolulu and I am still in Los Angeles so I won't be going to either of those places. Aside from just being away from Honolulu, I am also unable to eat because I'm having some medical things done today. If I was able to eat, I thought I would substitute the malasada binge with something local to this area of Los Angeles that I am at. Well, by local, I mean it's from a local bakery and not necessary a local type of food. The place I would chose to go to is called (fōnuts). I could walk there from where I am in about 15 minutes because it is right down the street from here. 

(fōnuts) 8104 W 3rd. St Los Angeles
Well why is it called "(fōnuts)" and what is it? Click the link to see their website for the full explanation, but it's a donut that isn't fried. They are all baked using techniques that result in a delicious flavor and texture. Sure these could be just cakes baked in the ring shapes, but I'm sure if you use a regular cake mix and try to bake it in the shape of a donut, it just won't be the same.

Here is what I have been able to try so far... yes, I enjoyed them all and would like to try more flavors! :)
My first time I tried a savory Chorizo & Cheddar Cheese for "lunch"
followed by a Strawberry Milk (fōnuts) for dessert. 

The 2nd visit I had a Rosemary & Olive Oil (fōnuts) for lunch.

Next I tried a Gluten Free & Vegan (I think) Lemon (fōnuts). I tastes good.
I can tell it is a GF because the consistency is slightly dense & moist.
The last one (so far) that I've tried is the Vanilla Cream filled (fōnuts).
Oh this was way better than any malasada and I don't care for
the filled type malasada either. This was like a delicate pastry in the
shape of a donut. Yum!
Well, that's what I'd eat if I could eat anything on this Fat Tuesday. If you're around Beverly Hills/West Hollywood, you may want to check out (fōnuts) if you're craving a snack.

8104 W 3rd. St
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Monday, February 13, 2012

Back at the Coffee Commissary on N Fairfax, cofficing in LA.

Cofficing at Coffee Commissary
I'm in Los Angeles again to get some things done. While I'm here, I'm still keeping up with Honolulu Real Estate activity so I don't lose track of what is going on back at work/home.

I was surprised to see when I decided to post about this, my most recent blog post was about my first time at Coffee Commissary! Gee, what have I been doing all this time. I better post some stuff up, starting with this.

One of the great things about this place is that it has a lot of great seating inside and out on the patio. The patio seating is great during the current, cool weather conditions.

Some of the outdoor seating.
A lot of people walk here and enjoy coffee with their dogs. :)
I don't feel so odd walking in LA when arriving here thanks to that.
Everyone keeps saying, "Nobody walks in LA." ;)

Here is my last post about Coffee Commissary that happens to be my last post also.


Coffee at the Coffee Commissary on Fairfax in Los Angeles

"The last coffee spot that I was able to check out during my few days in Los Angeles is called Coffee Commissary.  I was surprised that this coffee shop was actually the closest place to the hotel I was staying at..."

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