Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Office (work) Christmas Party... East Oahu Realty Christmas East Oahu Realty Christmas Party
A couple Fridays ago the President/Pricipal Broker of my office, East Oahu Realty, had a Christmas dinner party for us (agents/staff and family). It was at the The Kahala Resort. It was very a very nice party. This is my first Christmas with East Oahu Realty and waited all year to experience this amazing party that I've heard so much about from the other agents.

Anyway click this isThe Kahala Resort Link if you want to see their website. It's a beautiful resort on Kahala Beach. This is where the President of the United States stays when he's on Oahu as well as almost any celebrity who visits the island. When I think of the Kahala Resort, I think of weddings, honeymoons and things of that sort. It wouldnt' come to mind as a venue for a office's Christmas party.

We had a huge banquet room along side the dolphin pools. The reception area had an open bar serving champagne, punch or a combination of both. Hors devours were being served by the wait staff. There was a good assortment, but our favorite was the shiitake mushroom on the baguette. The doors to the dining banquet room were sealed upon arrival which suggested that we mingle and enjoy the treats and people in the reception area. We were all dressed up, some more than others (very fancy) and we all were taking pictures. Above are a couple of our's.

In the dining room were dozens of round tables that sat 8. Our office has about 113 agents so it's a very large office plus our support staff and families. It's easily the size of what I would consider a very, very expensive wedding or Christmas party in this case. There was a stage up front for our Hawaiian music entertainment by "Hapa Folk". After a formal welcome to the party, the tables were lead out to the buffet tables.

The buffet was filled with many different salads (in fact my plate was filled by the time I realized it was only the salad table). There was some chicken, fish, shrimp, sushi and roast beef. A very good selection and very tasty roast beef. After stuffing myself with most of that, there was a dessert table with about 6 types of desserts. I didn't get any photos of the buffet line or my plate. I was too hungry and distracted by the festivities.

After dinner, the reception area was transformed into an activities area for the children in the families. There was picture taking with Santa (I know we are not kids...), a balloon guy that made some really neat balloons (I wish I took some pictures...) and a magician. Inside there was dancing and some hula performances by some of our talented agents, staff and children that do hula dancing.

What an amazing Christmas Party! I can't wait for next year's party!! What were your company parties like?

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