Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3 Combo Lunch Special from Da Ala Cart

After errands in downtown, I went in search of lunch since I already had parking.  As I was walking down Punchbowl Street, I stumbled across Da Ala Cart (HTTP://twitter.com/DaAlaCart/) just outside the Hawaii State Capitol.  Since I've heard so many positive comments about the food served out of this truck, but have not been able to make my way to it to try it, I took advantage of the opportunity.

I had the $7 "grab n go" combo.  It included a tsukune (ground chicken skewer, asparagus skewer and a musubi (Japanese rice ball).  It was a perfect combination.  The tsukune was soft, moist and seasoned with a sweet shoyu (soy) sauce.  The asparagus had a thin bacon wrapping with a citrus and white pepper seasoning that I really enjoyed.  (I love pepper.)  The musubi balanced out the lunch with it's light crisp from the grill and it had a shoyu okaka like filling.

I will be searching for Da Ala Cart again!  In fact, if I had more than $3 cash left on me, I would've went back and bought more to bring to my friends at Beach Bum Cafe!  Too bad they don't accept credit card payments.  

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  1. @Kat it was very good. The musubi was just a musubi though... nothing fancy.

    @jalna I can't believe how long it took me to try this truck. But then again, I'm not sure when I'll have another chance to track it down either.


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