Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Aji Tama Ramen

Aji Tama Ramen is a new ramen place on Kapahulu Avenue near Starbucks. Kelli and I spotted it one night during one of our walks. We finally tried it after hearing several peoples' various comments.
Our comment...
It's good. We both ordered the Aji Tama Miso Ramen with light soup and firm noodles. I had heard from my hair stylist (Yuichi of Creave' in Hyatt) that a Japanese friend of his said it was salty probably because of the kotteri version. Kotteri is the thick soup version of ramen. That's why Kelli and I ordered the light soup which is an option on their menu. It was delicious. The nira-gyoza (chive pork dumplings) were also very good. The location is a convenient area, just outside of Waikiki and there is also parking in the back where you would park for Starbucks (I think). We like to walk in the evenings and find dinner sometimes so this is a perfect place on our route.

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