Monday, September 29, 2008

1st Hawaii Red Mango Yogurt Grand Opening in Waikiki! Red Mango Waikiki Grand Opening

Last week Saturday was the official grand opening of the 1st Red Mango store in Hawaii. It opened at 227 Lewers Street, across the new "Waikiki Beachwalk" area. The promotion was 100 free t-shirts to the 1st 100 and a free small yogurt. Of course we were in the line just before 12 Noon and there were only about 20 people ahead of us. After we got in the line it started to get long.

I had the Green Tea yogurt with blueberries. I wanted to add chocolate chips also, but it was a limit of 1 topping during this promotion. Kelli got the plain yogurt with her favorite fruity pebbles. She always gets fruity pebbles when we go to Yogurtland in Manoa. (And I always get blueberries.)

The store is really small and a little awkard because it seems you are supposed to pay then get your yogurt, but I think they want you to get your yogurt 1st then pay. (not during the free promotion.) We went an evening before the grand opening and stood at the register to pay, but he wanted our topping selections at that time although we weren't able to look at the toppings yet. That's why I say it's awkward. Their system prints the label for the yogurt cup with your name and the toppings on it. So you should be ordering and paying 1st, but I guess you are supposed to know all the toppings. It's not like going to an ice cream shop and looking at the flavors then deciding. It's decide then see. Anyway, we always get the same toppings so it's fine with us.

Below is the shirt I got. "Team Red Mango". There were some other designs, but this is the one I got. Team Red Mango t-shirt

I don't have a blog post for Yogurtland because they don't allow photography at the store. :( Anyway, Yogurtland is Kelli's favorite place to go practically everyday possible.

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