Monday, September 29, 2008

Got my new phone... Finally! Nokia N82. generic photo of Nokia N82After over a year of researching and holding out on spending money on another "powerful mobile phone", I finally broke down and ordered it a few weeks ago. I purchased my Nokia N82 in Black from for an amazing price of $461 shipped to Honolulu.

The phone is occasionally available locally in stores that carry unlocked phones, but the prices are outrageous! They advertise the prices from about $580-$650 and they do not come with any warranties!

My Samsung SGH x820 has been a good phone for the past 2 years, but the "0" button finally went nuts. It wouldn't register when I pushed the "0". Anyway, my friend's classic Motorola Razor also "broke" a few weeks ago and he's been asking about phones. I recommended the Nokia N82 because I've done so much research on phones and this phone in particular that I knew it was the one I would buy. He shopped around and discovered it available at for the great price. We ordered 2 at the same time. I couldn't resist. Now the price is $500! :)

I'm pleased with the phone. The features and reviews are all over the web ->here<- so I won't do a full detailed review. I will occasionally post something neat or maybe something I don't like if I find something... Mostly will be the great photos this PHONE can capture.

This is a photo I took without flash, auto setting, in medium resolution in the darkness of the night. Looks pretty good to me. Night shot at Waikik Beachwalk Nokia N82 photo medium resolution auto settings

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