Monday, October 13, 2008

Mana Bu's Mana Bu's Musubi & Mana Bu's Musubi & Sweets Mana Bu's Musubi & Mana Bu's Musubi & Sweets Mana Bu's Musubi & Sweets

We tried out a new musubi (Japanese Rice Ball) shop that opened up on King Street. It's called Mana Bu's <-click for Google links. They specialize in creating hand made musubi and always inform you of the origin of each ingredient. It's not so specific as to the exact location of the ingredient, but it gives the distributor or brand of the ingredients. If you were really particular I guess you could research the rest of the origin from there.

We went on a Sunday at about 1130am. As you can see by their business hours sign they are only open in the mornings and until they run out of food. When we got there most of the items were sold out. I did get a good selection that I wanted to try. I had a 10 grain rice musubi with shiso, a veggie curry pilaf and a 10 grain rice hijiki (seaweed) musubi with some kimpira gobo on the side. Kelli had the brown rice takuan, 10 grains spicy ahi and a teri SPAM musubi.

Each item that we saw ran between about $1.20 to $2.00 for the food items. It was very attractively displayed; even though the shelves were almost bare it still looked irresistibly delicious. I could hardly resist eating them before arranging them for this photo!

We'll have to go back again some day, a lot earlier...


  1. OMG!!!you went on my b-day last year! anywhoo,i'm quite this place still open and if so, where exactly is it? email me

  2. the rice cake is interesting!!!

    are you a property agent in japan?

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    Leon Singapore

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  3. Leon - No, I'm not a property agent in Japan. I am a real estate agent in Honolulu, Hawaii. Thanks for reading. How's property doing in Singapore?

  4. Sher - Yes Mana Bu's is there. It is behind the Baskin & Robins on King Street near Washington Intermediate.

  5. WOW! One day me and my mom were going to go there so I called them for directions around 12p.m. and they said they already ran out so they were closing! Looks super delicious!!!

  6. Tara- You guys should try to go. Go early because yes, the stuff runs out and there is minimal selection later.

  7. I want to visit Mana Bu's again...

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