Monday, October 13, 2008

The W Night Lounge on Friday. W Club Tara, Kelli & W Club Tara, Kelli & I W Club Kelli & W Club Tara & I
Friday night... we were invited to join in on a friend's cousin's birthday party at the W. Kind of just to keep Kelli's friend from being lonely. So we went. It also kind of marked the night just 4 years and 1 day prior that Kelli and I actually met there at the W. So it was kind of convenient for us to celebrate.

There wasn't any ridiculously long line to deal with even when we arrived at the door close to midnight. Thank goodness for that because 4 years ago, anytime after 11pm you would be spending the majority of the night standing in the line to be decoration along the wall.

Thanks Tara for getting us out of the house and into the club for a night of celebration. Here's a few pictures that are publicly postable from that night. I should say barely... =) W Club Kelli & I

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