Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AIA Honolulu Third Annual Free Historic Walking Tour of Honolulu Down Town

AIA Honolulu Third Annual Free Historic Walking Tour www.RickNakama.com

AIA Honolulu Third Annual Free Historic Walking Tour www.RickNakama.com TOPICOn Saturday the 25th of April, Kelli and I joined up with a friend of mine who invited us to the "Third Annual Free Historic Walking Tour" conducted by the AIA Honolulu. We registered and started our walking tour at 1015am and finished our walk a little over time at about 100pm. It was a cool and sunny day.

The registration and tour started at 119 Merchant Street at the AIA Honolulu Building, formerly known as the tallest highrise building of Downtown, Honolulu (at 6 stories high). A guide book was provided with color photos of the buildings on the tour and a brief, but detailed summary of the building's highlights.

AIA Honolulu Third Annual Free Historic Walking Tour www.RickNakama.com TOPICIt was very interesting to be able to spend so much time in each spot and reflect upon the surroundings. I think this is the most time in my life that I have ever spent in Downtown Honolulu. It's not the same driving through or walking from 1 parking structure to another office building for appointments. The sidewalks were not crowded with other business people rushing from point to point because it was on a Saturday. To be able to recognize the fine detail in most of the older buildings and see the back drop of modern day highrises towering over them was a very dramatic feeling.

I wouldn't mind signing up for some of the paid walking tours and other candle light walking tours that are conducted through out the year or even this AIA walk again! It was a fun way to burn some calories and spend the day out on an urban Honolulu walking trek. No mosquitos or mud provided in this experience...

Most of you know I only take and publish photos taken from my Nokia N82 5.0MP Camera Phone. I don't like carrying extra devices on me everyday or any day. My friend's blog should have photos from a "real camera" posted up soon.


  1. No problem, glad you like the walk - I thought it was gnarly! I totally crashed out when I got home too!

  2. solomish- we also knocked out in the late afternoon and i didn't wake up until 9pm and i thought it was morning time already!

  3. How come you didn't invite us to this walk!?!? I would have liked to see downtown!!

    P.S. You're totally slacking on the 2009 blogs!

  4. Tara- OK, we'll be sure to let you know about the next time we go. http://www.aiahonolulu.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=29

    That's the website with the information on the tours.


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