Friday, September 18, 2009

A few Interesting Things I read in some blogs that I follow...

I came across these neat pears that are grown in the shape of a Buddah on Jaden's Steamy Kitchen. Check them out! <--.
Kat blogged about tandoori chicken and couscous. Makes me want to check if I can eat couscous for one of my starch replacements since I can't eat wheat or rice. Kat's Blog<--.
Affairs of Living Gluten Free... posted a tomato free red sauce this week that I'm anxious to try. It's based on beets & complies with my diet restrictions.
Photos by Jalna posted a bunch of old photos of Hawaii that she received from a friend. Those photos are amazing! <--
Solomish has been posting his hiking adventures. So have a few other friends on Facebook. I can't link their page Facebook posts because Facebook doesn't work that way. Anyway, it's been making me want to go on an adventurous hiking trip!
about to watch a movie @ the Movie Museum in Kaimuki. My 1st ... on TwitpicLast Friday I watched my 1st movie at the Movie Museum in Kaimuki. Neat little place there. The movie we watched is Kamome Shokudo, an excellent movie from 2006. It's a Japanese film that is filmed in Finland. I highly recommend watching it. Thunderbirds in HawaiiFinally, the Thunderbirds will be performing for Honolulu this weekend! I'm looking forward to watching the show tomorrow. This links to my blog about them in 2007.

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  1. I really hope you can eat couscous :)

  2. Kat- me too! It wasn't tested so I don't know. I'll need to ask my Dr. to check couscous (semolina & durum wheat) for reactions next time.

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