Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Toxic Food Syndrome" update - Reintroducing "Toxic" Foods. toxic food syndrom food allergy testI originally posted about the Immuno Labs Toxic Food test back in July when I started it. You can click <----- to read that post for more details about it.

So it's been about 3 months and it has come the time to begin reintroducing the foods that show up on my "reactive" list (in red). Under my Doctor's advisory, I have started with the items on the list with the lower reactive level numbers. That means I'm starting with the foods that have a +1 next to them.

The way it is reintroduced is by eating 1 of the +1 red items and waiting a couple days to monitor any effects. It is a time consuming process and can be very frustrating, but if you suffer from any illnesses that can't seem to be resolved by any other conventional western medicine techniques then you would most likely have the patience to do it.

I've been reintroducing for almost 3 weeks now. To be honest, I haven't made it very far down my list of +1 items. toxic food syndrome food allergy testI started by testing wheat. I used soba noodles as the source of wheat. Japanese soba noodles are buckwheat noodles, but if you read their ingredients you will see that almost every packaged soba noodle sold has wheat flour as it's dominant ingredient. I found this very interesting when I began the elimination diet process.

Since I was not able to eat wheat for about 4 months now, I thought of eating soba in my beginning days of the diet. Buckwheat is actually a yam and not wheat at all. This meant that I could eat buckwheat noodles (soba), the problem was I would have to find a 100% buckwheat noodle. I have only found 1 local source to purchase a 100% buckwheat noodle and it is at Whole Foods. Needless to say, I did not purchase it because of the ridiculous price!

Anyway, I love soba so I started my wheat reintroduction with commonly found packaged soba noodles served in a modified Kitchen Basics brand chicken stock which meets my dietary restrictions. I've been enjoying this at home and it is a wonderful change from eating potatoes and corn every meal. toxic food syndrome food allergy testI've also tested soybean in the form of tofu. Tofu or soybean has been questionable. I am not sure yet. I had some bad experiences due to eating at restaurants in the 1st couple weeks of my reintroductions and have basically compromised the controlled variables of my tofu experimentations. toxic food syndrome food allergy testI don't think I had any reaction to the tofu, but am not certain. I will re-test it over this weekend with the block of tofu I have sitting in the refrigerator right now. I wanted to verify my tolerance of wheat for certain prior to moving on. Matsugen Soba Waikiki BeachwalkYesterday was Kelli's Birthday. She's been living the past 4 months with my diet. Not necessarily eating only what I am eating, but living with the inconveniences of not being able to go out to restaurants for meals like most normal people.

I had a great idea as we were walking around in Waikiki to try eating lunch at Matsugen Soba on Beachwalk. I posted a blog about eating at Matsugen Soba back in 2007 and it is linked here. Amazingly, I even had a producer from the Martha Stewart Show contact me about using my photos that are in my blog post about Matsugen. This is when they did an episode on Matsugen Soba opening a restaurant in New York.

I ordered the Kinoko Sansai Soba and Kelli had the Tenpura and Hiyashi Udon. She requested no shrimp, all vegetable tenpura. We both enjoyed our noodles. I made it 24 hours now and no signs of intolerance. On the other hand, one of the vegetable tenpura that Kelli bit into was avocado! She is allergic to avocado and had to spit it out. She had a little stomach ache which may have been due to that avocado. Anyway, she is not part of this toxic food test but it was just a coincidence. It was a delicious meal! Matsugen Soba Waikiki Beachwalk toxic food syndromeAn example of what Kelli has to deal with is not being able to go out to Hy's Steak House or Ruth's Chris for her usual Birthday dinner. Since I wasn't able to take her to a steak restaurant for dinner (safe dinner), I made us steak dinners last night. It filled us up, tasted great and wasn't prepared with any ingredient that could have left me in pain the rest of the weekend. toxic food syndromeWe even had a delicious dessert! Strawberry & Lemon Sorbet! All for under $30! Hahaha. What a bargain!

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  1. glad to hear that some of the items on your list aren't giving you bad reactions!

  2. Kat- yup. I think wheat is ok, soy is probably ok too. The 3rd thing that I tried, but got bad affects from was when I tried to test brewer's yeast by having a salad at a restaurant with balsamic vinegar. That left me with stomach pains, but I don't know if it was the balsamic vinegar or just another problem with the salad. I hope to get brewer's yeast cleared. That will give a lot more flexibility.

  3. I hope you can have brewer's yeast, then wouldn't it mean you could have beer??

  4. Kat- Kind of, but not exactly. I could begin to drink other "brews" like ginger ale or rootbeer, but I an not supposed to have alcohol so no regular beer. That's ok though because I've never been a beer drinker. =P

  5. would that mean you would be able to have some breads then?

  6. Kat- the test distinguished reaction between brewer's yeast and baker's yeast. Both of those I tested a +1. I'll be testing baker's yeast soon and yes I'll probably test it by making a yeast bread without any eggs or dairy. I'm excited to get back into breads!

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