Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Saturday coffee experience @BeachBumCafe

I was just noticing that I failed to post anything on my blog during the entire month of May!  How could that happen?  I know why it's happened.  It's because of Facebook & Twitter.  The instantaneous posting of photos and what I'm doing to my Facebook Profile and my Twitter Stream have caused me to lose focus on my blog!
I decided to see what I could come up with in the last 10 minutes that I sit in this cafe (umm not the one I'm posting about).  I looked in my recent photos and found a bunch from Saturday's coffee hour at Beach Bum Cafe.  So here it goes...
Saturday, @Konaish, @KelliNakama, @Knyghtingale and Twitterless daughter of @Konaish met up at at Beach Bum Cafe for coffee.  It's always a fun group when we meet there on Saturdays!
We we shown a Maragogype coffee bean (largest in the world) and a Kona Typica (I think that's what it is... the smallest bean in the world).  I took a picture and it's in this bunch.
That's all I have time for now.  I gotta go.
I have posted about Beach Bum Cafe in the past.  Here is the post about Beach Bum Cafe.


  1. @Kat, I've been liking the siphon method too. :)

    OH! I forgot to describe the mug of Tisane in the photos. It's not coffee! It's the Tisane Papaya Vanilla Tea. That's why there's things floating in it. hehehe.

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