Monday, June 13, 2011

This special lemonade @EdsTown during the #Foodography shoot was delicious!

On Saturday, I received an invite from @TrulyJoannies to drop by Town Restaurant, in Kaimuki.  The TV series Food(ography) was set up in the restaurant to feature @EdsTown in an upcoming episode that would be showcasing a few of Hawaii's unique restaurants.  We dropped by to be background diners in the restaurant for the Food(ography) episode.
@TrulyJoannies, Twitterless Jenna and I were seated at a table where we were to try to eat the delicious plates of food slowly.  It took a lot of restraint to not eat everything in sight as soon as it was placed on our table.  We needed to eat slow enough for the camera crew to capture enough usable footage of us enjoying the delicious Town Restaurant food.
Here is a Twitpic photo of the scene that @NathanKam took of us. seated at the table waiting to eat.

It was nice to be able to eat the delicious food that @EdsTown will be explaining in this Food(ography) episode and the Lemonade was amazing!  Be sure to watch this episode to learn why Town Restaurant is unique.


  1. sounds like fun and that lemonade looks really refreshing!

  2. @Kat the lemonade was really good. The top layer was some kind of cilantro and lime juice, I think. The food was good too, but I didn't get to take a photo because of the filming.

  3. hope you get to see yourself on tv :)

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