Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coffee at the Coffee Commissary on Fairfax in Los Angeles

The last coffee spot that I was able to check out during my few days in Los Angeles is called Coffee Commissary.  I was surprised that this coffee shop was actually the closest place to the hotel I was staying at and I didn't actually make it there until after checking out of the hotel on the last morning.

We parked on the street directly in front of Coffee Commissary and paid the meter then saw a sign that said there was free parking in the rear.  Oh well, next time. :)

The ambiance here felt energetic even though there weren't that many people going through it, but I think it was mostly because the hip hop-ish beat music is played slightly on the louder side here.  If you want to have a quiet conversation, you probably should grab a table on the outdoor patio.  This seemed to be a popular spot for people to stop at while they are walking their dogs.  It was probably in the most sub-urban type of neighborhood of all the coffee spots that I visited this trip.

We had a couple of pastries for breakfast along with our coffees.  I started with the Sightglass Kenya Nyeri AA Washed Process.  It is described as "heavily fruited and floral in its fragrance and aroma. Flavors of fresh strawberry and peach with a lemonade-like sweetness".  I remember recognizing those flavors as I sipped this delicious coffee.  I loved it and was tempted to purchase a bag of it, but since I only saw one bag left on the shelf, I didn't.  I wish I did!

I also got a second cup to go, but I can't remember what it was.  The second coffee also tasted good, but kind of regular.  I  didn't notice any flavors that really popped out.  It also cost less so it made sense that I felt that way.

I'll probably be visiting this coffee shop again since it's so close to the hotel that I will probably be staying at when I am in Los Angeles.  It's probably a reasonable walk since it was only a four minute drive.

Here is my foursquare list of coffee places that I <3:

Coffee Commissary
801 North Fairfax #106


  1. nice! wish we had more neighborhood coffee places here.

  2. @Kat - That would also be my wish exactly! :)

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