Monday, February 13, 2012

Back at the Coffee Commissary on N Fairfax, cofficing in LA.

Cofficing at Coffee Commissary
I'm in Los Angeles again to get some things done. While I'm here, I'm still keeping up with Honolulu Real Estate activity so I don't lose track of what is going on back at work/home.

I was surprised to see when I decided to post about this, my most recent blog post was about my first time at Coffee Commissary! Gee, what have I been doing all this time. I better post some stuff up, starting with this.

One of the great things about this place is that it has a lot of great seating inside and out on the patio. The patio seating is great during the current, cool weather conditions.

Some of the outdoor seating.
A lot of people walk here and enjoy coffee with their dogs. :)
I don't feel so odd walking in LA when arriving here thanks to that.
Everyone keeps saying, "Nobody walks in LA." ;)

Here is my last post about Coffee Commissary that happens to be my last post also.


Coffee at the Coffee Commissary on Fairfax in Los Angeles

"The last coffee spot that I was able to check out during my few days in Los Angeles is called Coffee Commissary.  I was surprised that this coffee shop was actually the closest place to the hotel I was staying at..."

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