Monday, May 21, 2007

Amuse Wine Bar @ Moana Pacific

Amuse Wine Bar @ Moana Pacific

Amuse Wine Bar's sampling bottle systemKelli, her "Mid-Pac" crew and I sampled the new wine tasting bar at the Moana Pacific condominim on Kapiolani Boulevard. I really like the place!

Kelli and I at Amuse WineWe arrived at around 10pm on a Saturday night. The crowd was pleasant, maybe about 20 people at about maybe a 1/2 of comfortable capacity. It could fit a lot more people if everyone was standing. The lighting as you can see is accented nicely and everywhere else has a dim ambient light.

We sat at a long table along this wine cellar/display.Opposite of the bar and the bottle sampling dispensers is an attractive wine cellar showcase. We sat at a long bar height table with about 8 high stools along this window. Our tab after about an hour of wine sampling was about $35. Not bad. How does it come up to $35? The sampling bar serves you 1 ounce portions. The wine is priced from about 80 cents an ounce up to the thirty dollar range. Of course, if you know what wine you want, you could maybe order it by the bottle or glass. We (Kelli and I) had about 6 ounces or so ranging about $3-$5 an ounce. I enjoyed the atmosphere much more than being at a crowded night club drinking mixed drinks. I would visit Amuse Wine Bar again (soon?).

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