Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lily Koi at Pearl Ridge Saturday Night.

Late Night at Lily Koi by
I came across this write up at and it reminded me that we went there this past Saturday night. The description in this write-up is accurate. It was a comfortable atmosphere. I am sure as the workers get the hang of things, service levels will improve during the "lounge" hours. It is understandable in the early times of a new bar or restaurant. Because it is such a relaxing atomosphere, it doesn't seem to hamper the experience. The only obstacle for me is the location is "far" for me and my small vehicle seems to have picked up quite a large ding in the fender while parked in what was a normal sized parking stall! I have a sub-compact car and reverse parked it centered in a nice sized stall between 2 cars that would be considered compact or mid-sized (Honda and a Saturn). Anyway, that big ding, or dings I should say, are quite annoying since it's been relatively flawless of parking lot dings for about a year and a half.

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