Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Eggs & Things Restaurant Location New Eggs & Things 339 Saratoga RoadEggs & Things' former location on Kalakaua Avenue in the Kalakauan has been closed for a long time (a year or so?) Many people were anticipating their re-opening at this new location at 339 Saratoga Road. Although they did open a little behind schedule, it did open. Even when the Kalakaua Avenue location had a fire it took many many months before they re-opened. Anyway, we finally made it to check out the new location.

I think this location is great. Not only is it in a pleasant area of Waikiki, but it will soon be right next to the new location of the Hard Rock Cafe. It is also 1 street over from the Waikiki Beachwalk area and just up the street from the soon to be completed Trump Tower Waikiki. If you have to mail something the post office is also across the street.

The restaurant is 2 level and open air unlike their previous single leveled air-conditioned spot. It is a little odd because you check in for a table downstairs then are escorted upstairs to the dining area. Eggs & ThingsOne of the favorites that we ordered was the Bacon & Spinach Omelet with Potatoes. It's as big as usual (3 eggs) and tastes like an omelet. The potatoes are roasted to a nice crispy exterior cruch with a tender and moist potato inside. It's seasoned with basic salt & pepper. New Eggs & Things 339 Saratoga RoadThe second item we ordered was the Blueberry Crepe. The crepe was tender, yet had nice crisp edges. It was very delicious!

This visit to Eggs & Things was actually last Saturday morning. The morning before I ended up in the hospital emergency room. My hospital predicament had nothing to do with the quality of this breakfast at Eggs & Things. Although, if you read the previous post about my newly found restricted diet, it probably did play a part. But it's because of my body's defect not the food!

I sure hope that was not the last time I can enjoy a Blueberry Crepe from Eggs & Things. But if it was, at least I can savor the memory...

I better see a dietitian about finding a way to get those blueberries back into my diet!

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