Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tokyo Banana Tokyo BananaMy Aunty returned last week from a 2 week visit back to Tokyo. She and my Uncle and their family finally migrated here. They were waiting for their visas for over 20 years! It's pretty much been a lifelong goal for their 4 children (my cousins).

She brought me this "Tokyo Banana" as omiyage (gift or souvenir). They gave me this before when they visited Honolulu. It's a tasty packaged cake with a banana cream filling. It is something like a Banana Flavored Twinkie, but much higher in quality. Unlike the Banana Flavored Twinkie, the Tokyo Banana's cake doesn't have a strong banana taste. The cake is a simple yellow cake much like the normal Twinkie. The Tokyo Banana's banana filling is where the banana taste is present. It's a consistency of like a banana puree and tastes like it is real banana. I don't know if it is 100% banana puree of some sort, but it definitely isn't like a banana flavored cream in a Twinkie.

If you like bananas and cakes or Twinkie type snacks, try this out some time!

Yummm :P


  1. WOW! That looks delicious! I looove bananas! I just ate one for breakfast! I think your next "business" should be importing snacks from Japan. You'd make a killing!

  2. Tara- I already did some of that. I used to sell Strawberry Kit Kats, Black Black Gum, FX Neo Eyedrops, etc. This was years ago. Oh, don't forget the special flavored Mentos. Now it's all available at Shirokiya or Don Quijote and it's not worth the efforts.

    I remember once putting a Strawberry Kit Kat on a Friendster or Myspace announcement "for sale to highest bidder" and that went out of control.

  3. まさみさん かえってたの??



  4. 「東京バナナ」だいすきよ!!


  5. i love "Tokyo Banana"!!

    are sugoku oishii yone!!

  6. the strawberry twinkie is even better!
    also,the kinako, wasabi, shoyu, and green tea flavor
    kit kats are great!.

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