Thursday, June 11, 2009

L&L 76 cent Plate Lunch Goodwill Fundraiser L&L Drive In 76 cent plateOn Tuesday, L & L Drive In's Keeaumoku Street location in Walmart had their Goodwill fundraiser event. Between 11am-2pm customers could purchase 3 different plate lunches for 76 cents and a soft drink for 10 cents! It's a very popular day to see people lining up at L & L. L&L Drive In 76 cent platePeople began lining up from early morning for a chance to get some of the special items offered to the first few. The first 10 would get a month's supply of Pepsi while the first 100 would get an "I Love L & L" T-Shirt. This is what the line looked like at around Noon. The line also wrapped around near the driveway and made a U-turn back down on the sidewalk! L&L Drive In 76 cent plateThe choices of plate lunches that were offered were the Chiken Katsu, Kalua Pork with Cabbage & Hamburger Steak. I had the hamburger steak plate. It tasted great and had 3 hamburger patties! It was too much so I saved 1 patty for dinner. L&L Drive In 76 cent plateI received a 2nd plate of Kalua Pork and added the 1 extra hamburger patty and some of the Chicken Katsu to it. I saved this plate for dinner.

Luckily, I did not wait in the line for these plates. My real estate partner, Josephine, is Eddie Flores' (Founder of L & L) sister. She wanted to visit and offer her support so she brought me with her.

The plate lunch and drink offerings alone are a wonderful promotion, but in addition to that being offered to the customers, the earnings during the promotion are donated to Goodwill Charities.

Thanks L & L, Eddie and Josephine for the lunch AND dinner.

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