Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gluten Free Pasta Salad... Gluten Free Pasta SaladTonight we're going to another evening of potluck with Kelli's friends. It seems as though if they were counting, the would be on the 300th Mid Pac reunion by now since they have graduated... and that was only 10 years ago! :P

Just kidding you guys... but you guys see each other more often the I see my family.

Anyway, I went to a new Doctor because I'm frustrated with my syptoms and ridiculous "low residue" diet. I'm seeing an M.D. that specializes in alternative & nutritional medicine to try to relieve me of these annoying symptoms.

He told me the "low residue" diet is ridiculous. I agree. When I read the list of things I could and could not eat, some things made absolutely no sense. Anyway, I'll go into more on that in a future post on the current diet he asked me to try.

My current diet restriction is a "No Gluten/Wheat & Dairy Diet". This is also driving me crazy! But this post isn't about that. It's about the first "official" gluten free dish I've cooked.

Gluten Free Pasta Salad! Gluten Free Pasta SaladThe gluten free pasta I chose is a rice flour based pasta. Seems so simple and I have no idea why they have to charge so much for it! This will be covered in a future post.

Anyway it's a box of this Glutino Brand Fusili. It costs too much for what it is (rice).

I boiled it in some salted water and mixed in some sliced/chopped salami, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, a bottled Italian dressing, EVOO, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, fresh basil and garlic to taste.

It's not as tasty as usual. I don't think it's the pasta. I think it's the bottled Italian Dressing. After reading the bottle later, I realized it was made with a canola oil rather than olive oil. I think that's what made it lack the flavors.

Well Happy Birthday Erin! I hope everyone enjoys some Gluten Free Pasta Salad tonight!


  1. wow! Your pasta salad looks really good! who would have guessed it was gluten free!??!!

  2. Tara,
    This one actually tasted the most normal. I think the pasta and noodle stuff are ok. It's the baked things that don't seem to cut it.

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