Friday, July 24, 2009

Chicken Tacos & Food Rotation & Combinations... Food CombinationsI have read through my book about "Immuno Health Guide". I came across this section and chart about food combinations to avoid. It appears to me that to follow this recommendation, one would not eat a "well-rounded complete meal". I would be eating single entree type of meals. Doesn't seem possible for me to work with.

I also read another section about rotating the non-reactive foods. It means if I ate beef and potatoes yesterday that I should avoid eating beef and potatoes today! There goes eating left-overs the next day... I'll have to make sure it can last several days. Not to mention I probably should not be eating the beef with the potato in the first place according to the chart above! At least it allows me to combine the beef with oil... :P Chicken TacoAfter I read the section about rotating my foods, I began to worry. If you take a look at my non-reactive food test results, my grain/starch type of foods that are easily obtainable are rather limited. At this point I only have corn and potato to fill that craving. Since Corn Chex is the only mass produced (major brand) corn only product that I could find as a simple snack that doesn't cost more than a fillet mingon, I have been buying Corn Chex and using that to supress my hunger. This got me worried that if I don't rotate it and give my body a day off of corn products I might become sensative to corn! I can't have that happen...

Since I already ate Corn Chex for breakfast, I decided to keep with the rotation and eliminate potato from my diet today so I can eat potatoes tomorrow. I made some chicken tacos for lunch.

First I boiled 1 iqf Tyson Chicken Breast in a pan full of water (about 2-3 cups).
Added a bunch of rosemary, couple pinches of sea salt, a few dashes of garlic powder and a bunch of black pepper. I boiled it until the chicken was fully cooked and the water was reduced to about 1/4 a cup or so. I removed the chicken and put it on a cutting board to be sliced.

Then I strained the boiled water reduction into a small sauce pan and added 3 cubes of chicken broth that I have frozen in my freezer (1st in ice trays then into ziplock bag after they are frozen). I heated this reduction without reducing much more of the liquid.

Then in a heated pan I grilled one side of the white corn tortilla (no wheat flour). On the second side (the outside or underside of taco) I splashed some extra virgin olive oil on it then flipped it to grill this side. I spread half of the sliced chicken and sprinkled over with hard cheddar cheese (I'm non-reactive to cheese as long as it's hard cheese & not milky). Grilled it for a minute or so until the bottom is slightly crispy and the cheese has a chance to melt.

Remove from pan into my plate and put some chopped iceberg lettuce on top. Then I poured the flavorful reduction sauce over it. Fold and enjoy... or eat with a fork and knife if you are fancy.

This was quite a delicious lunch and it followed my diet guidelines. Except, I did eat lettuce last night, but oh well what can I say... I'm not perfect yet.

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  1. WOW! Your chicken tacos look awesome! It looks better than the nachos I ate for lunch! Your diet is so crazy - I dont know how you keep up with all these rules! I would probably forget what I was even allergic to! You should do a food blog everyday. I always wonder what you kinds of stuff you eat since you have this new diet now.

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