Sunday, August 2, 2009

KCC Farmer's Market KCC Farmer's MarketKCC Farmer's Market
4303 Diamond Head Rd
Honolulu, HI 96816

Normally on Saturday Mornings.
A few weeks ago, Kelli and I went to the KCC Farmers Market for an early morning walk and some shopping. It was the weeked prior to the Farm Fair weekend which meant the next weekend the farmer's market would not be at KCC. It was a nice morning and that also made it very crowded at 730am!

We bought a watermelon that we just ate yesterday. It was very sweet and only cost a couple dollars. Luau StewWe also bought some pre-cooked luau (taro) leaves because Kelli wanted me to make some luau stew. Luau StewLuau leaf is a very firm dark leaf. It takes hours to cook down into a soft mushy consistency. It also takes a lot of large leaves to end up with a pound or so after it's cooked down. It's something like the way spinach cooks down, but takes much longer.

First I browned some boneless beef shortribs in a large pot with some olive oil, salt and pepper. After it had nice color I added canned chicken broth to cover the meat so it can simmer for an hour and a half or so (until tender).

After it was tender enough so the meat would almost fall apart if poked with a fork, I seasoned it to taste with basics, Hawaiian Sea Salt and some pepper. Then I added the pre-cooked luau leaves to finish the stew.

It was great that the leaves were pre-cooked (and sold frozen). It only takes a few minutes to finish after adding the leaves to the pot. We made a large amount so that most of it could be refrigerated and eaten later during the week.

It was delicious!

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  1. WOW! Next time you guys go to the KCC market, we'll go too! I swear Shad could stay there for like 2 hours because he likes to look at every tent and eat there! Your luau stew looks really good! I'm surprised you can eat that!!!
    Btw, I didn't know watermelons last so long!

  2. Tara- I don't know how long the watermelon would last, but yeah it was fine for the couple weeks or so. I never really thought it would go bad.

    As far as stopping at every tent and eating... we don't do that. Besides the line being so long it would take too long to do that, we can't afford to buy something from every tent. Also I can't eat anything there anyway.

    We'll let you know when we're going. Don't get mad if we call you up at 630am on Saturday.

  3. I just had some Luau stew for the first time today, and it was great! I'll see if I can find some luau leaves in Arizona!

  4. @Sinan- I hope you can find luau leaves in Arizona! I have a difficult time finding luau leaves in Honolulu. Even if they have them in the super market here, you need so much raw leaves to cook down to have enough for a luau stew.

    Thanks for visiting!

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