Monday, January 25, 2010

Cream Pot Restaurant - 444 Niu Street, Honolulu Cream Pot Restaurant 444 Niu Street Waikiki HonoluluOn Saturday we took a friend to brunch so we walked over to re-visit Cream Pot. Cream Pot is a nice little breakfast restaurant located in the Hawaiian Monarch, just couple a blocks from home. They are a Japanese/French type of place with a country ambiance in the middle of Waikiki's hustle and bustle that features waffles, omelettes, crepes (savory & sweet). Cream Pot Restaurant 444 Niu Street Waikiki HonoluluIf you are familiar with the Hawaiian Monarch, I think you would agree that this restaurant doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the building. I think it's out of place, but I don't mind that. I am actually happy there is such a place so near by. You can see this view when you are driving on Ala Wai Boulevard just before reaching McCully Street. Cream Pot Restaurant 444 Niu Street Waikiki Cream Pot Restaurant 444 Niu Street Waikiki Honolulu
This time I ordered the "Original Crepe" (Canadian Bacon, Carmelized Onions & Potatoes in a Bechamel Sauce). Kelli had the "Original Omelette Set" (Canadian Bacon, Potatoes, Cheese & Carmalized Onions) and it comes with a drink and mini dessert crepe (Strawberry Chocolate was Kelli's choice). Our friend Ken had the "Beef Stew Omelette". As usual everything was tasty. I didn't eat Ken's food, but I ordered that dish before so as long as it was consistent I know it tasted good. This brunch for three costs about $15 per person plus tax & gratuities.

I still think it's strange that they have to bring the dishes down in room service type trays because their kitchen is on the floor above, but I guess it's not any different from any other restaurant with 2 levels.

I wish there were more places like this around here.......

PS- these are photo samples taken with my HTC Google Nexus One.

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