Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pressure Cooker Experimenting - Chicken Adobo Chicken Adobo Cuisine Art Pressure Cooker RecipeI have never used a pressure cooker until we received one about a month ago as a wedding gift from our friend, Gary. Since I've never cooked with a pressure cooker, I don't know the appropriate adjustments to cooking times or ratio of ingredients when using a pressure cooker. This has forced me to do some experimenting.

The experiment this time is Chicken Adobo. It was actually quite simple. I've used the pressure cooker about 3 times cooking various things.

Since I cook without defined recipies or exact measurements, adjusting to cooking with a pressure cooker is a challenge. The main challenge is that most of the seasoning would have to be in the cooker prior to cooking under pressure because it wouldn't make sense to keep depressurizing the cooker and sneaking a taste.

Anyway here's a rough estimate of what I did.

8 Chilled Chicken Thighs w/ bone-in & skin on
About 1/4 cup (1 part ratio) Kikkoman Shoyu
About 3/4 cup (3 part ratio) Apple Cider Vinegar
About 1 cup (4 parts ratio) Water
About 1/4 cup (1 part ratio) Mirin - Sweet Sake
2 cloves of garlic (whole)
About 25 "dashes" of Ground Black Pepper
About 1 tsp. Sea Salt
About 8 Dry Bay Leaves

Add all ingredients into the pressure cooker. I don't know if the cup measurements are correct, because I used a ratio method to measure. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure the liquid reached the top of the chicken thighs. I set the pressure cooker to "High" for 15 minutes and let it cook. After the 15 minutes of pressure, I "quick released" the pressure and checked in on the chicken. I decided to give it another 5 minutes of "High" then let is slowly release pressure for about 15 minutes after the beeper. The cooking time was probably under 45 minutes. The chicken was perfectly cooked, tender enough to fork away from the bone.

When I cook this again, I will reduce the amount of water by 1 part. One of the main differences I have found is that because it is cooking under pressure, moisture is not evaporating so the flavors don't really get stronger from evaporation of all the water. Very tricky because I definitely don't want to cook salty food! Cuisine Art Pressure CookerThis is the Cuisine Art Pressure Cooker we received from Gary. Thanks!

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  1. we used to use a pressure cooker to make lau-lau, that was many moons ago, your pressure cooker looks really fancy!

  2. kat- yeah it is a fancy one i guess. maybe the next thing i'll cook with it will be trying to roast some pork in it.

  3. Wow, that's some space-age looking pressure cooker, and your chicken looks yummy!

  4. jalna- yeah... i don't know what to do w/ the various settings... too many choices! gotta work on the water proportions to get flavor balanced.

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