Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our room at the Fremont.

This is my first time staying in Downtown Las Vegas & my first time at the Fremont.  The room looks decent with a contemporary modern look to most of the decor.  The general areas of the room look & feel clean.  The beds feel clean & comfortable as well as the bath.  I think they could have or should have spent another $300 & put a small LCD flat panel TV in here to get rid of this TV that looks 20 years old.  It's not even a flat screen tube!

Anyway, some things in the room aren't as clean as I would prefer.  The sitting chair has a stain on it that keeps me from sitting in it so I am typing this sitting on the 2nd bed.  The accessories & corners have excessive dust accumulation.  There is a badly stained ironing board that I wouldn't use to iron my clothes.  The AC vents have a lot of dust balls. 

Back when I worked at the Outrigger Reef, if I did a room inspection on a room in this condition, it wouldn't pass.  I can tell you that if the average Outrigger Reef guest checked into a room of this cleanliness, they'll be back down to the front desk complaining in minutes upon their arrival.

Anyway, this is a FREE trip so what can I say??  I am happy that the beds & bath look & feel clean!  :-)

I wish Blogaway supported multiple photo posting.  Since it doesn't, I'm using the email post method for this post.

On a positive note, the Vacations Hawaii escorts are very friendly & again, we won this trip to Las Vegas!!  Whooowhooo!!!!

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  1. This blog made me laugh! You can tell you used to work in a hotel and you're a realtor (does that make sense?) Only realtors take those kinds of pics that show the stuff wrong with the place! HAHAHA!
    Glad you guys are having fun and enjoying your FREE 2nd honeymoon :)
    btw, your Nexus One takes nice pics for a cell phone camera!

  2. @Tara, are we Realtors really the only ones who would take those kinds of photos? Really?? Hahaha.

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