Monday, February 1, 2010

Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery - 1027 Maunakea Street, Chinatown, Honolulu Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery - 1027 Maunakea Street, Chinatown, Honolulu, Gao, Candied Fruits, Candied Brittle1027 Maunakea Street was listed for sale a little over a year ago by my partner and me. Rather than securing a buyer, a promising tenant was found. Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery leased the building, renovated it and opened this popular Chinese bakery and candy shop.

As you can see by this photo, it is a highly trafficked street (by foot & car). Their location is directly across the entrance & exit of the Maunakea Street Municipal Parking Lot so there is lots of convenient and affordable parking. Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery - 1027 Maunakea Street, Chinatown, Honolulu Gao, Candied Fruits, Candied BrittleI usually stop by and pick up some candied fruits or brittle whenever I'm visiting Chinatown. They have candied strawberries, lotus root, coconut, pineapple, melon, kumquat, carrot & some others. It is sold by weight and runs just a little under $7 a pound. My favorites are the kumquats, strawberries, lotus root and melon! They make great treats and they are REAL FRUITS! Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery - 1027 Maunakea Street, Chinatown, Honolulu Gao, Candied Fruits, Candied BrittleThis is after all a bakery so they also have baked goods here. They have a variety of cookies and brittles. A very popular Chinese cookie is the Almond Cookie which they bake and sell here. The have several different brittles including the popular peanuts & macadamia nuts.

They also sell fresh made Gao (Chinese Sweet Mochi Rice) and some other baked goods like hot dog rolls and Bao.

Chinese New Year Celebrations are coming up. Couple of events are scheduled for this weekend. Check out the calendar at If you visit Chinatown, stop by and pick up a snack! Let me know what your favorites are so I can try some next time I visit!

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  1. HI RM! Thank you so very much for the coupon :) It was sooo easy going to exchange it for all the goods!! Today, I also bought li hing mui mango, strawberries, and pineapple. I think the pineapple might have to be my favorite! That place rocks!!!!

  2. @Tara- I'm glad you picked up your gift and enjoy the pineapple. I hope you tried some of the candied lotus root & melon too!! Yummm. :P

  3. We have the lotus root and melons in our container! I'm going to eat those when Shad picks me up so he can have some too!

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