Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Posting photos with Blogaway.

While mid-flight, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that lunch was going to be served.  Kelli didn't believe that there would be food served on this Omni flight! 

Anyway, the choice was between warm Ham & cheese sandwich on an "Arby's" style bun or an "Angus Steak" Cheeseburger each served with chips & a Hershey Milk Chocolate bar.  I thought it was strange of the flight attendant to describe the two sandwiches like that.  At first I was tempted to get the Ham sandwich to see what exactly an "Arby's style bun" was, I saw Kelli's & it looked pretty plain.  I went for the "Angus Steak" cheeseburger.  It was pretty good considering it came out of a plastic wrapper. 

Anyway while using Blogaway, I tried to add another photo to the other blog I was writing.  The application kept force closing so it appears that Blogaway is only capable of posting one photo per post.

By the way, this is one of the most turbulent flights I've ever flown.  Keep those water cups covered! 

Location : Las Vegas, NV 89119,


  1. Blogging on the run!! Amaaaazing!

  2. Yup! Gotta make use of all that time!

  3. I love when you write blogs and upload pics to Buzz! It feels like I'm experiencing Vegas right along side of you! I even woke up this morning expecting a new Buzz photo from you - which, by the way, I am still waiting for.


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