Friday, February 18, 2011

Jin Din Rou Taiwanese Dim Sum Restaurant.

A couple of weeks ago, after my usual Monday @LanakilaPacific #MealsOnWheels route, we had lunch at Jin Din Rou.  This was during their soft opening.  It was suggested by @LalaLinzy because she was anxious for fresh, hot restaurants to review for her blog post about Jin Din Rou <here.  I told her I would hold off a few days before posting my blog about it so that her photos and blog could get a lot of traffic.  Ok ok, It's couple weeks later, but I'm posting about it now.  Hopefully I still remember enough to keep it accurate.  If you don't think I can remember, just read Linzy's Blog ;)
When we went, they were open only during lunch and the menu was very simple.  It was either select the specialty Jin Din Rou dim sum plus 1 or 2 other items.  We each selected to go with the 3 choice price which was about $14.  The way you are required to select a certain item from each tier of items was a little disappointing to me because I kind of wanted 2 things from the same tier.  Anyway, I'm sure different people will have different opinions of that.
I chose the Pork Eggplant.  To me it tasted it bit too much like shoyu.  It was served in a hot ceramic sizzling pot and the shoyu sauce was burning away in there.  It wasn't bad, but just seemed like shoyu flavored food.
The other item I selected was the fried rice.  I chose the Takana Fried Rice.  The second fried rice selection was Shrimp Fried Rice, but since I am not a shrimp eater, Takana was my choice.  I really liked the fried rice.  It was very well executed.
It was nice to go with a group of 3 (@Lalalinzy and @MarkTRC) because we were able to sample almost everything they had on the menu.  Some of the other things I tasted are the Tan Tan Noodle, the Fried Egg Pork Jaer's Ear, Deep Fried Chicken and the Shrimp Fried Rice.
Jin Din Rou isn't a traditional Taiwanese Dim Sum restaurant.  It's a Japanese style Taiwanese Dim Sum restaurant so things are a little different.  Oh!  I almost forgot to write about the dim sum!  Anyway, the specialty dim sum is the pork dumpling that is steamed.  The special part about it is the soup that is contained in the dumpling wrapping.  When you pick it up, you need to be careful not to tear the wrap or the juicy insides will leak out.  These dumplings tasted good.  I don't really care if there is soup inside of my dumpling or not.  I just like dim sum that tastes good. 
The last few weeks, I've been a tester for @OCMobile's Intelligo thanks to @WorldWideEd and contributing to the Blog <this is my test at Jin Din Rou.  I'm happy to say that my Tmobile 3G was not able to penetrate into Jin Din Rou (OK no I am not really happy, I'm disappointed!), but the Intelligo was getting a good 3G signal.  While it wasn't a 4G signal, the benefit of it providing me a 3G signal where I was only able to receive EDGE from Tmobile was wonderful.  On a side not, if I was using my @Clear 4G Spot, it would not have helped because there wasn't any 4G reception in Jin Din Rou.  Anyway, I've enjoyed testing the Intelligo Wifi Hotspot for @OCMobile and will write about it later.  This makes a nice segway to this evening...  Tonight, filming of the final scenes for the @OCMobile and commercial.  It will be at Ka Restaurant and Lounge and there is a Twitvite if you'd like to participate.  As of now, there are only a few spots left.  
Will I see any of you there??  :)

Jin Din Rou

1491 King Street

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814



  1. @Kat thanks I hope you get to try them when you're back in town.

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