Friday, February 18, 2011 #ProgressIs this blog replacing my #DeskDiary @Audi

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RickNakama: @johngarcia - #ProgressIs on the last day of the contest, #DeskDiary keeps up the pace for charity win!

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What's all this tweeting and retweeting with the #DeskDiary and #ProgressIs hashtags all about?  I'm not so sure how it all started, but I think it had something to do with a commercial that aired for Audi during the Super Bowl. 

Long story short, @JohnGarcia (HTTP:// made the National Finalist list.  So here we are, the social media community of Hawaii trying our best to win this contest! 

The simplest way to help is to click my original tweet above and retweet it making sure the Twitpic link and both hashtags are in the tweet.  John gets points for each view of the #DeskDiary Twitpic.

RT @JohnGarcia #ProgressIs using social media to give back. H... on Twitpic

What will John win?  Audi will donate $25,000 to a charitable organization of John's choice.  I'm not sure what charities actually qualify, but John asked the community to give suggestions and we all offered suggestions.  Some probably don't fully qualify as a charity but if anything, awareness was spread through social media.

What Hawaii charity do you want John to consider?  Let him know!

By the way, #ProgressIs me being able to substitute my #DeskDiary with a blog that I can create by sending an email from my mobile phone while sitting in my parked car. 

This blog post should hopefully score John some bonus points at the last moment.  I think there are only a couple of hours remaining in this contest.  Let's help John win this thing!!!!

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