Friday, March 4, 2011

Lunch at Inaba Restaurant

I met up with @WeHeartHawaii, @Yumi1001 and @NaniGurl for a lunch at Inaba (or I-naba) Restaurant.  It is located in the spot that the original Dai-ryu used to be.  Prior to this lunch, I have only been to Inaba once, several years back, just after they opened.  In fact, they didn't even have a sign displayed at that time.  Since I haven't been there since then and @WeHeartHawaii invited me to join the lunch, I did.

I had the Ume Gonomi Soba.  It is a cold soba noodle dish in a refreshing and light broth garnished with ume (Japanese pickled plum) and finely chopped shiso (perilla leaf).  It enjoyed it and would love to have it again.  

They also these little information cards about soba.  It explained what soba was made with and how it was healthy for you.  On the opposite side of this card was even more information about the health benefits that soba provides. 

It was great having lunch with @WeHeartHawaii and nice to meet his friends @Yumi1001 and @NaniGurl in real life.

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