Friday, July 8, 2011

Whew what a day. Had to fix my roof!

A panel from my roof flew away yesterday.

I had to fix it up and make it all good today.  Boy was it hot up on the roof today!

I'm starved!  I didn't get to eat lunch so I'm eating now.

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  1. wow that looked like hard work! I probably would've been scared to climb up that high.

  2. You fixed your own roof!! WOW, that's impressive!

  3. It wasn't really like fixing a roof, roof. It was just nailing on some new sheets of those corrugated panels. But yeah, it was very hot up there!  So far so good. We'll see how it holds up during this weekend's wind!

  4. Ahh, working on the roof on a hot day feels so uncomfortable. Still, congrats on a job well done! You did some hard work, but your roof is fixed. That's a reason for a good meal, indeed.

  5. You fixed that roof on a hot day!? And you didn't eat lunch while doing it? That's kinda amazing and tiring at the same time! Well, it's a good thing that you were able to do it just fine.

  6. Great job on your roof! It looks like it was fixed by a professional! It looks like it was a swelteringly hot day, and those shingles probably didn’t make it any easier, since they absorb and conduct heat. Hope it holds up! But just in case it doesn’t, you’ve nothing to be ashamed of – it’s an excellent job!

    1. Noreen, thanks for the compliment & comment! Thank goodness the roof is still holding together. ;)

  7. Wow, you had quite the day! It must have been an oven up there when you installed the metal roof. You were rather brave in trying to do that. I don’t think my husband would’ve until later during the day or unless it was cloudy.

  8. Boy, it must be really hot up there. You have surely felt it twice as hard, as your roof is metal. I have to commend you for bravely facing the ordeal and doing a great job. However, I may have to suggest that you contact a roofing company the next time this happens, as their expertise can surely help you better address your roofing problem. Plus, they have all the necessary equipment to ensure the job is done properly and that no one gets hurt.

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