Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rosemary cuttings for Granny.

Kelli's Granny wanted some rosemary plants a few weeks ago.  We told her not to buy any because I have bushes of rosemary and discovered recently that if I cut a branch and put it in water, it very easily grows roots.

About 3 weeks ago I cut these branches.  They were about 7 inches long.  I cleaned off about 2 inches at the bottom, removing any pines or little branches and put them in about a half inch if water. 

This is how the roots look today.  I've planted them in little pots with a mixture of some potting bark and vermicast from my worm bin. 

I hope these bushes grow big and Granny makes a nice rosemary roast pork for dinner!  :) 

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