Tuesday, February 21, 2012

(fōnuts) 8104 W 3rd. St Los Angeles

So today is "Fat Tuesday". In Honolulu, most people associate Fat Tuesday with picking up/eating some malasada from Leonard's Bakery or some prefer Champion Bakery. I am one of those who probably prefer  Champion Bakery.

Anyway, I'm not in Honolulu and I am still in Los Angeles so I won't be going to either of those places. Aside from just being away from Honolulu, I am also unable to eat because I'm having some medical things done today. If I was able to eat, I thought I would substitute the malasada binge with something local to this area of Los Angeles that I am at. Well, by local, I mean it's from a local bakery and not necessary a local type of food. The place I would chose to go to is called (fōnuts). I could walk there from where I am in about 15 minutes because it is right down the street from here. 

(fōnuts) 8104 W 3rd. St Los Angeles
Well why is it called "(fōnuts)" and what is it? Click the link to see their website for the full explanation, but it's a donut that isn't fried. They are all baked using techniques that result in a delicious flavor and texture. Sure these could be just cakes baked in the ring shapes, but I'm sure if you use a regular cake mix and try to bake it in the shape of a donut, it just won't be the same.

Here is what I have been able to try so far... yes, I enjoyed them all and would like to try more flavors! :)
My first time I tried a savory Chorizo & Cheddar Cheese for "lunch"
followed by a Strawberry Milk (fōnuts) for dessert. 

The 2nd visit I had a Rosemary & Olive Oil (fōnuts) for lunch.

Next I tried a Gluten Free & Vegan (I think) Lemon (fōnuts). I tastes good.
I can tell it is a GF because the consistency is slightly dense & moist.
The last one (so far) that I've tried is the Vanilla Cream filled (fōnuts).
Oh this was way better than any malasada and I don't care for
the filled type malasada either. This was like a delicate pastry in the
shape of a donut. Yum!
Well, that's what I'd eat if I could eat anything on this Fat Tuesday. If you're around Beverly Hills/West Hollywood, you may want to check out (fōnuts) if you're craving a snack.

8104 W 3rd. St
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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