Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween SPAM! Waikiki... I've been so busy I am falling behind posting all the photos and blogs I plan to post. Since Halloween is such a seasonal event, I figured I better put it (or at least some) of it up right away.

Here is my cousin, Aya, and her boyfriend, Yuichi. Aya was dressed up as an angel. It's her 1st Halloween since moving to Hawaii. Yuichi was wearing a SPAM can hat. Funny thing about it is many people pointed it out, "hey SPAM!", etc. The thing is about half of the people who commented about the SPAM hat actually called it "SPAM Musubi!" For some reason a lot of the locals referred to the SPAM can as SPAM Musubi. I thought that was interesting. Goes to show you how popular SPAM Musubis are in Hawaii.

Now if you really want to see a nice SPAM Musubi, check out Kat's apetizing SPAM Musubi post <-click here. Or my Mini Honey-Strawberry Glazed SPAM Musubi.

I'll post up some other things from Halloween a little later.

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