Monday, November 26, 2007

Kapahulu's Newest Feature... New Kapahulu SafewayA couple weeks ago the long awaited Safeway Center joined the mix of small shops that have existed along Kapahulu Avenue for decades. There are lots of mixed opinions about the store. It does increase traffic to the area which could mean increased business for the smaller businesses in the area while at the same time bringing undesired 24 hour traffic to the huge store for its residential neighbors.

We personally love the convenience of this major supermarket being on our main route home. Sure, it's only half a mile from Foodland or maybe a mile from Times, but those are both just off the main route and often just not visited because of that. We even go to the Moiliili Star Market more often than the Foodland just because of its more convenient location. New Kapahulu SafewayThe store looks great! It really makes the once barren section of Kapahulu Avenue into a lively, welcoming strip mall. This brings Kapahulu Avenue's third Starbucks location and a Seattle's Best coffee shop. The Starbucks in located in the supermarket and is near several tables and seats in 2 seating areas. The location is also featuring free wireless internet access. The area in the left of this photo is a sushi bar! New Kapahulu SafewayIf you don't want to shop for groceries, bring the home and cook, you can also visit the sushi bar, salad bar, soup bar or deli section. They have a cafeteria style prepared foods section or a sandwich deli. I tried a roast beef sandwich from the deli. It was pretty good. I like the fact that they have the seating area inside (air conditioned) with wi-fi. I haven't tried the wi-fi yet. One thing about this Safeway... most of the employees appear to be new hires. I'm sure in time the service and organization will improve but when we went they were very disorganized. They were discussing with each other about the appropriate size of cup to go with the sandwich combo and finally after we fill our soda at the self serve fountain we realize they don't even have matching lids for the cups they are using. New Kapahulu New Kapahulu Safeway

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