Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blustery Morning Breakfast - ochazuke お茶ずけ。

It's a very breezy & cool morning.  I decided to make us some ochazuke (Japanese green tea & rice) for breakfast.

I added some mirin みりん (Japanese sweet sake) egg 玉子 , wasabi miso わさびみそ (Japanese horseradish fermented soy paste), ume うめぼし (Japanese pickled plum), nori のり (Japanese roasted seaweed) & ocha お茶 (Japanese green tea).  あいしかったよ!  (It was delicious!)

As you can see, I'm also enjoying the Simeji application for Android that I downloaded last week.  It's a free application & works fabulously for typing (on my phone) in Japanese 日本語。

If you have an Android phone & want to type in Japanese, try it out!

PS- Thanks Moris & Emi ( the delicious wasabi miso!  ありがとう!

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