Monday, March 22, 2010

Lunch at Mr. Mandoo

On Sunday we thought we'd go get lunch at Mr. Mandoo.  As we left Ala Moana Center, we looked for it on Piikoi Street.  It was missing!!  Since we were certain it was there before, we drove up to the curbside and looked to see what happened to it.  There was a sign in the window that said they've moved to 710 N. King Street in Kalihi.  Since we were planning to go to Home Depot anyway, we went to check out their new location.

It's a pretty good location with several parking spaces that are shared with the neighboring convenience store.  Inside there are 3 four top tables and 2 two top tables.  Not much seating, especially when they're busy.  It was very busy there! 

The menu is a little confusing to me, but you should be able to figure out what to order.  We had an order of the fried mandolin, chicken katsu plate & a few steamed "king" mandoo.  We wanted to try the spicy pork steamed mandoo, but they were all out.  We ended up with 2 vegetable steamed mandoo and 1 sweet red bean steamed mandoo.  It was too much for us to finish.  They served tea, kim chee & miso soup too.  We ended up taking home 1 whole vegetable & half of the red bean mandoo.

I stuck the leftovers in the toaster oven this morning with an ice cube to add some steam and baked the mandoo for our breakfast.  It came out rather nicely toasted. 

The food is very tasty at Mr. Mandoo.  I also like the design & decor of the tiny restaurant.  The service was also good considering there seemed to be only 2 people working!  1 lady out front & a man working the kitchen.  Almost every seat was full & other customers were also coming in for take out orders! 

Check it out!

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  1. They moved??!! I didn't know that. I love your photos . . . very creative angles. And thanks for that nifty ice cube tip with accompanying picture . . . neat!

  2. @Jalna - Yah! Those tricky buggahs moved! At least they have good parking now that you should be able to just pull into... I adapted that ice cube trick from my bread baking experience. I don't know if it really works in my toaster oven, but in the regular oven it does get it nice and steamy.

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