Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lunch at Ho-Ho, Home Depot Kapolei, House Project.

**3rd attempt to let Posterous get this correctly.**  sorry about the multiple posts.

Yesterday I had several appointments to show my listing in Makakilo & Kelli rode out there with me.  After the appointments, it was lunch time so we headed down to Ho-Ho Chinese Cuisine to eat lunch.  We ordered the Schezuan Eggplant & Minute Chicken w/Cake Noodle.  It. tasted good, but the cake noodles could have been more cake like & crisp.  I was told that the egg custard pies here are "the best" so we took a look at what they had after we finished eating.  Unfortunately, they ran out of the mini pies & I didn't want to buy the full size one so we'll have This try that another day.

Since we couldn't get a mini pie we stopped at Wendy's to get a "Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty" made with the chocolate flavor.  It's pretty expensive at $3.12 for small (the only size this special one comes in) considering you can buy the large regular flavors for under $3!  Anyway, we love Wendy's and are very disappointed that they didn't open on the corner formerly known as "Andy's Kahala Chevron"!!  :(

We then went to Home Depot to get some stuff for the house we've been working on.  Kelli wanted to buy a closet system so we picked up the stuff there.  The long shelf took up a lot of the space in the car so Kelli had to sit in the back.

There's a photo of the closet before.  I didn't take an after photo yet.  There are after photos of the bedroom paint and the hardwood floors in the living area.

There's also a photo of my Jai's Burrito from Jose's in Kaimuki.

Now we're off to Williams-Sonoma for our morning of technique class covering pies.  Maybe we can make our own "best custard pie"!  Then we're going to Chinatown for Dim Sum lunch at Happy Garden.  :)

I hope Posterous works this time!!!  Anyone using Posterous have any idea why my photos aren't in the post, but show up in the email?  :-/

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