Saturday, September 18, 2010

#MixitupHI @LanakilaPacific yesterday

Yesterday, I visited and got a tour of Lanakila Pacific with the @MixitupHI show (  It was a fun one because it was interactive.  We learned one of the jobs that volunteers do for Meals on Wheels.  We put on glamorous hair restraints and latex gloves as we packaged items into plastic bags in preparation for delivery.  You can probably find some of those wonderful photos and the taped version of the event here

After the volunteer work, we had lunch from the cafeteria.  It was a vegetarian chili and eggplant parmesan for lunch followed by manju and scones for dessert.  Everything was delicious!

It is quite an impressive facility and the cafeteria is also open to the public for lunch and catering. 

Here are a few photos from there.

Thanks to @MIXITUPHI and @LanakilaPacific for hosting the lunch yesterday.  It was fun!

During the tour of the garden, I had a feeling like I needed to harvest some vermicast and re-bed my worm bin.  That will be my next post.

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