Saturday, September 18, 2010

Re-bedding worms & harvesting vermicast is getting to be a big job!

During the tour at Lanakila Pacific yesterday (, we were shown the future site of their raised bed gardens that were under construction.  They are also planning to use food waste from their cafeteria by having worm bin composting to add to their sustainability.  Seeing that made me realize my worm bin was due for re-bedding.

The volume of my worms has increased quite a bit since I started the bin ( and they are producing vermicast rather quickly now.  I think it is time for me to get one of those stacking worm composting set ups.  My back can't handle the hours it takes bent over separating the vermicast from the worms.

Here's a non-eventful video of the worms in their new bedding. 

I am wondering which set up to get.  Or, should I make my own?  They are rather over priced.

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