Thursday, September 9, 2010

My @Clear 4G Speedtests seems to have (temporarily) improved. (@MyMobileHI)

After my last bunch of speedtests (, @Clear has been asking me to try some tests at home without the router.  I ran some tests.  These tests were performed on a Tuesday morning around 9am at home.  My average download results at home over wifi have been in the 2MB range.  Upload has varied all over the place from .0xxMB to the .9MBs.  I wish upload speeds were more consistently in the near 1MB area.
Since @Clear asked me over Twitter to do some tests without my router, I did some.  At first, you will see that I was amazed at the results!  I thought my router was the culprit.  See the "no router" results below on 2 servers with all signal strength LEDs lit on Clear Modem near window.


Crazy Fast Download!!  Is this real??


Immediately after seeing those results, I thought I better follow up with some traditional WiFi tests since that is how I have normally been performing my tests.  As it shows below, even the WiFi results showed much faster results than what I normally used to see.  This gave me the impression that Clear may have "fixed" or adjusted something to improve the performance of their 4G network.

WiFi LavaNet

WiFi DreamHost

Nexus One WiFi LavaNet

Nexus One WiFi DreamHost

Later in the evening, I wanted to check if the speeds were still "good".  I did a couple and was disappointed to see results near 1.0MB Download and .2MB Upload using the Nexus One on WiFi.  I didn't save those results out of frustration.  I held off posting these somewhat impressive results because I was unable to recreate them.  Perhaps 9am on Tuesday had very low usage in my area resulting in good speeds.  I don't know how much that affects the results, but until I recreate results like these, I will have to say this is not typical of my 4G experience at home.
Someone from Clear also asked me if I was "happy" with the service.  My answer - I appreciate the convenience it has offered me during the past months that I have had the mobile 4G service available.  My only complaint is the speeds do not live up to claims even if signal strength is excellent.  I especially wish the upload performance would be improved.  I've been accessing the web via mobile for several years now.  The reliability is definitely better with Clear's 4G service.  I am happy, but not super dooper impressed.  If the speeds improve and maintain consistency (in strong coverage areas), I will be happier!  =)

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