Friday, August 5, 2011

Finger Sweets Petit Custa Ginza ギンザ プテイ カスタ in Shirokiya

We happened to walk into Shirokiya and stumbled upon an amazing aroma.  In the area that used to be book-off, was a Petit Custa Ginza shop set up.  They make these mini donut like "finger sweets".

Here is their website

I really like the Caramel Crunch and Cream Cheese flavors.  I don't care much for the fruity filled ones.

They are only here until August 6th so check it out quickly, like by tomorrow!!!

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  1. @Kat - I think the smell flowing through Shirokiya is just irresistible. I really didn't care for the fruit ones, but I know other people like fruit jelly filled pastries. I wonder what the line will look like today, since it's their last day.

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