Friday, August 12, 2011

Yoga in the Park with Keith Sato #YogaHi

On Sunday, July 31, 2011, @Keith_Sato officially started "Yoga in the Park" on Sunday afternoon.  The group meets at 530pm in a little grassy park between Waikiki School and Kapiolani Park.  Most of us that meet, know each other from Twitter, but you do not need to be on Twitter to participate in Yoga in the Park.

View Directions to Yoga in the Park from Kapahulu Avenue 21.268725, -157.815428 in a larger map

That map sort of shows the location of the park.  It is the rectangular grassy park with several trees in the middle of it.  There is usually a lot of free street parking on both sides of the park and because it's a small park, it's easy to keep an eye out on your car while we're all just several yards away.

Yoga in the Park is guided by Keith Sato.  The bunch of us that have attended the 1st couple of sessions are mostly beginners, but there are several that do practice yoga regularly.  It's a perfect balance for us beginners and those that have more experience.  My experience only came from doing yoga with my Wii Fit.  The routine is very similar, but the difference is Keith is there to actually make sure your form is proper.  The Wii Fit doesn't really do that part very well.  

Here are some photos from Yoga in the Park.

Here are some photos by @RickyLi99Keith Sato's Yoga in the Park.
Here are some photos by @PhotoluluTVYOGA TWEETUP AT THE PARK.
The official hashtag that Keith's Yoga in the Park group uses is #YogaHI.  If you want to keep track of tweets that may be coming from Yoga in the Park.
@Capsun is part of the group.  He created a YogaHI Twitter List.  This list has most of the people who have attended so far.  Tweet him if you are missing from the list.

Yoga in the Park by Keith Sato is currently planned to take place every Sunday from 530p to 645p in the same park.  There is a requested donation of $5 that Keith will use to provide additional equipment for the group.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. 10/30/11 we'll be starting at 5p today to see how that works with the daylight.

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