Saturday, April 3, 2010

Revisiting Mana Bu's for Musubi.

On Wednesday morning we had the chance of being in the area of Mana Bu's just around their opening time of 1030a.  Since it is a rare occurrence for us we stopped by to pick up several musubi to have for lunch later.  If you're familiar with this little mass producing musubi shop you'll know that if you don't get there early enough, selection will be slim & often most varieties sold out.

This time I chose a Konbu, Shiso & Kinpira Gobo Pilaf.  They ranged in prices of about $1.30-$1.70.  Very satisfying!

I'm not one who would normally go out to purchase musubi made by someone else, but in this case I have to say the occasional splurge is well worth the cost.  I cannot imagine trying to make myself 3 different varieties at home.  It would not make much sense.  A visit to Mana Bu's & I could have a dozen or more variety of musubi to eat!  They also have multi grain rice varieties too!

I posted on my blog about Mana Bu's a couple of years ago.  Here's the link to read that post.

The other dish is a pork eggplant that we picked up from ANOTHER PLACE down the street.  I wont mention the name of the place, but it was JUNK!  The eggplant was inconsistent with raw, firm bitter tasting pieces mixed into overcooked mushy eggplant pieces!  It was also too salty tasting like it was just soaking in an unbalanced  shoyu based sauce.  Anyway, I don't like this "deli" down the street and haven't forever, but we just decided to give it a try again.  I don't know if I'll try again in the future.  Probably not...

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