Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flat Bread Lunch at Mix Cafe on Alakea w/@PrincessTara459 #FB

I headed into downtown for lunch today because I needed to get an address change form into the DCCA (licensing office).  Since I was going to have to be in the downtown craziness, I decided to have lunch with a downtown friend, @PrincessTara459. 

I parked my car at Iolani Palace for $1 an hour paid by quarters into a parking meter.  This is a photo I tweeted at the beautiful Iolani Palace - @RickNakama: just posted a pic: (@ Iolani Palace) http://picplz.com/z0CM/

Anyway, @PrincessTara459 took me to eat at one of her favorite downtown spots, Mix Cafe.  We got there a little later in the lunch hour (about 1245p) so the selections were slim.  There was a choice of a portobello sandwich, chicken sandwich or the flat bread with pesto tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.  We both had the flat bread.

The flat bread is toasted on a hot stone oven. It's nicely browned in a couple of minutes and served with cool mixed greens and a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.  Very delicious and not overwhelmingly filling; perfect for lunch!

Here is there website. http://mymixcafe.com/

When I walked back to my car I still had about 40 minutes left in my meter so I decided to take a look at the Honolulu City Lights Christmas display.  If course this was in the early afternoon so the sun is brightly shining and I can't see the lights,  but it's still interesting.  Here's the photo I tweeted- RT @RickNakama: since I'm across the street may as well do my Honolulu City Daylights Tour (@ Honolulu Hale) http://picplz.com/z0CN/.

I also took a photo of the YWCA (@YWCAOAHU) because I seemed to have just missed a couple of tweeps (@TrulyJoannies & @Melissa808) that were right there when I was so near by!  Here is that tweet- RT @RickNakama: .@trulyjoannies here's a pic of @ywcaoahu for you. ;) hehe (@ YWCA of Honolulu) http://picplz.com/z0sL/.

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