Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lunch @LilihaBakery - Hamburger Steak

Today I stopped at Liliha Bakery after dropping by the bulk mail center of the post office to help Mark (http://twitter.com/MarkTRC/) and some other Lanakila Pacific (http://LanakilaPacific.org/) volunteers finish up a bulk mailing task. 

I brought my friend Craig with me to help out because I was at Kahala Mall where Craig's office is (he's a loan officer at Pacific Access Mortgage).  Originally, I planned to just see if he was available for lunch, but Mark asked if I could go help them because he felt like there was another couple of hours of work with just the four of them.  Anyway, Craig said he had a couple hours for lunch and he didn't mind helping out so we headed there with bottled water and a requested Cinnabon to help them hold out until a late lunch.

Once Craig and I arrived, there wasn't that much left to complete.  With the six of us there the job was done in about 15 minutes.

We then all headed to Liliha Bakery (http://twitter.com/LilihaBakery/) for lunch.  We arrived at about 1230p and managed to get seats for the six of us in 2 groups (4 & 2) at the diner counter.

I had a hamburger steak with a butter roll and their famous florescent pink jelly (ok I played with the photo a little).   

Here's another photo I tweeted while I was there. http://picplz.com/z1wK

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