Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunday Breakfast at Cinnamon's w/@NaneaKalani #FB

This past Sunday we met up with @NaneaKalani and her family in Kailua's popular Cinnamon's Restaurant.  I checked in with the hostess at about 825a and was asked if we'd prefer indoor or out.  I wasn't familiar with the restaurant because this was my first time there so I asked what she recommended.  She recommended I be on the list for either.  This is probably to avoid the long waits that I have heard about, but I barely waited 5 minutes for a table outside in the courtyard area.

While we waited for our table, I was offered self-service coffee from a coffee station set up next to rows of seats that the people waiting for tables can sit on.  I thought this was a nice touch although I am not sure if it's complimentary or added on to your bill if you start drinking while waiting.  I didn't try the coffee from this station, but I did have coffee at the table which was described as 50% Kona Blended coffee.  If the same coffee is used in the coffee station, I'm sure it's not free because it's $2 something a cup on the menu.

For breakfast I had the Portuguese Sweet Bread French Toast with Ham and 1 Over Easy Egg.  The French Toast was light with a crisp outer layer.  The ham was very tender I barely needed to use the knife to slice it.  My over easy egg was a little more than over easy; probably more like plain over, but it was ok.  I found I had to use a lot of syrup.  I don't know what kind of syrup it was, but it seemed watery and lacking sweetness.  And, I'm usually not one that prefers sweet things.

I also took some photos of everyone else's food, but I didn't try them all.  The other dishes are Half Order Traditional Eggs Benedict, Blueberry Pancakes and a giant omelet!

Cinnamon's Restaurant is found on the web at http://www.cinnamonsrestaurant.com/.

Thanks for the breakfast treat Nanea! 

PS- if you enjoy keeping up with news discussions, follow http://twitter.com/NaneaKalani.  She is a reporter for http://www.civilbeat.com/ (http://twitter.com/civilbeat/).

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